Multi-Platform Data Management & Monetization

Persosa enables you to better understand consumers and increase media performance.

A single platform to better understand consumers AND increase media performance

Persosa’s patented technology empowers marketers and digital publishers to collect, own and unlock value against their consumer data - increasing media performance while delighting consumers with connected and personalized experiences. Our integrated platform tracks identities, builds audiences, and delivers personalized content all in real time shortening the "data to dollars” cycle from weeks to milliseconds, unlocking media performance and operational efficiencies.

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You must act now to own and monetize your customer data.

Unlock immediate revenue and enterprise value by owning and monetizing your consumer data, all while delivering world-class immersive and connected brand experiences.

TV Media

2nd screen experiences connect media to commerce. Persosa is the only purpose-built solution to deliver real time connected 2nd screen experiences to amplify and convert the core viewing experience.

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Consolidate identities across all of your O&O properties into a single ID graph. Improve identity resolution and audience targeting, all while owning your customer data in a secure, privacy-first approach.

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Streaming Audio

Create new ad units with Connected Campaigns™. Extend and amplify programming, live reads, and commercials onto brand partner websites to increase revenue, delight listeners, and offer direct real time attribution.

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Increase revenue while delighting your customers with Connected Campaigns™. Deliver connected and personalized experiences that convert and engage, while tracking customer data in a secure, privacy-first approach.

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