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TV Experience Extension

Follow Sarah and discover how Persosa improves the customer experience by connecting and amplifying touchpoints to increase monetization.

Capture TV Audience

Sarah sits down to watch her favorite show Property Brothers where they finish the show and she sees product placement of a Weber Grill.

Connect TV To Online Brand Presence

When she goes online to check out the grill, she sees a co-branded experience on the Weber website.

Continue Experience On Brand App

Later when she’s shopping on the Target app, she sees an ad placement for the Weber grill she looked at online.

Meet Consumers Where They Are

The next time she’s shopping at Target, she gets a push notification on her watch with a discount for 10% off the Weber grill.

Close The Consumer Experience Loop

After Sarah has bought a grill and is back home watching her show again, she sees ads for steaks to cook on her new Weber grill.

Multiple Points Of Monetization

Extend your consumer experience beyond TV, to increase attribution and complete the consumer experience loop.

Connected Content

Improve customer experience to increase engagement and conversion.

Connected Data

Connected content drives connected data and unique customer insights.


Create more informed audience segments for more relevant content targeting.

Revenue Streams

Expand ad inventory, new ad units, and apply digital pricing models to TV.

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