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Smart data doesn’t happen overnight. The journey to a more connected data ecosystem requires a focus on how to better connect your existing data and then how to monetize those insights. Explore how Persosa scales your data ecosystem and business performance.

The data ecosystem exists in silos

You know your customer, but do you really know your customer?  Customer data is usually siloed by website, channel or asset, creating an incomplete profile.  This impacts identity resolution, reduces the effectiveness of customer targeting and media performance.

Disconnected data creates fragmented experiences

That means that each of the platforms we interact with are limited to the information they gather or a consumer chooses to share with them. In this siloed existence, these different assets aren’t able to share data in order to recognize customers across assets and improve the consumer experience.

Change how we view data

Persosa takes an identity-centric approach to data in order to connect users across all assets. This breaks down the silos and creates holistic profiles of consumers, their behaviors and what they want from the brands.

Transition from traffic to targeted audiences

By evolving to a user-centric approach, companies can be more intentional about identifying the correct audiences for their messaging - focusing on targeted audiences as opposed to generalized traffic. This increases conversions and improves user experience.

Monetize audiences through connected campaigns

Taking it one step further, once brands can build out behavior profiles for their consumers, they can start to develop Connected Campaigns™ that extend and amplify their consumer experience across all consumer touch points. This monetizes the audience by personalizing their brand experience increasing engagement and sales. 

All brands and depictions are for example purposes only.

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Increase revenue while delighting your customers with Connected Campaigns™. Deliver connected and personalized experiences that convert and engage, while tracking customer data in a secure, privacy-first approach.

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TV Media

2nd screen experiences connect media to commerce. Persosa is the only purpose-built solution to deliver real time connected 2nd screen experiences to amplify and convert the core viewing experience.

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Consolidate identities across all of your owned properties into a single identity graph. Improve identity resolution, while owning your customer data in a secure, privacy-first approach.

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Streaming Audio

Create new ad units with Connected Campaigns™. Extend and amplify programming, live reads, and commercials onto brand partner websites to increase revenue, delight listeners, and offer direct real time attribution.

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