How Persosa came to be

We were born out of the need for better tools for marketers.

Persosa exists to aid digital marketers in a world where marketing tools fall behind technical capabilities. Targeted digital ads are commonplace, as are targeted marketing campaigns once the user is known or has converted.

What's missing is the middle piece: the website, which is still mostly a static piece of content for a lot of businesses. Persosa fills the gap by making the entire user experience targeted and personalized, whether used just on a website or integrated with other services.

With backgrounds in analytics, technology, marketing, branding, and finance, our team of experts and proven operators has built a platform just for digital marketers to increase conversions and engagement on their websites. We aim to build technology to make digital marketers' jobs easier and more effective.

“Persosa fills the gap by making the entire user experience targeted and personalized”

Meet the team

Kirk Morales

CEO/CTO, Co-Founder

Greg Lim

COO, Co-Founder

Leon Klepfish

VP, Engineering

Patrick Sheehan

VP, Sales


Todd Davis

Founder, Lifelock

Our community

At Persosa, we're proud to be headquartered in Phoenix, AZ and support the #yesphx startup community.

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