Persosa for agencies

Create revenue streams, stay ahead of the competition, and increase value for your clients.

Why Persosa?

Persosa is easy to use, works with any website, and is proven to unlock value for clients.

Build personalization service offerings

Create new streams of revenue around personalization strategy, implementation, and maintenance.

Increase billables while increasing ROI

Increase conversions & engagement for your clients and share in the value unlocked.

Increase client retention

Give your clients another reason to stick with you for the long haul.

Stand apart from the competition

Personalization is still an early concept that most agencies haven't yet adopted. Stay ahead of others by offering web personalization services with Persosa.

Consistent brand experience

Offer your clients a consistent brand experience on all touchpoints. Utilize more creative to speak directly to multiple audiences.

Easy to use

Persosa makes it easy to implement and maintain personalization on your clients' websites. Our onboarding process ensures your team is confident utilizing our product when working with your clients.

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