Case Studies

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Good vibes only: Spiritual Gangster increased sales & expanded their audience

Looking to share their message of positivity with a larger audience, Spiritual Gangster turned to Persosa to better engage new audience groups. Persosa helped them create male and parent-focused experiences that told the brand story to connect with and convert new customers – as well as maintain the brand equity they had with their loyal female customers.

  • 49% increase in conversions
  • 31% increase in add-to-carts


Spiritual Gangster and Persosa

Woof woof woof
(translation: Wag! achieved major results with Persosa)

Wag! was rapidly expanding their dog walking services across the U.S., but their digital presence couldn’t keep up with their growing audience. All dog owners saw the same website, and it wasn’t clear if the service was available for them yet. By leveraging Persosa, Wag! quickly deployed city-based experiences that connected with dog owners and dramatically increased engagement.

  • 170% increase in time on site
  • 36% reduction in bounce rate


Wag! Walking and Persosa

Taser connected with unique audiences to provide peace of mind for everyone

What do a parent, a college student, a runner and a gun advocate have in common? Not much – except for the desire to feel safe wherever they go. Persosa created targeted experiences for each of Taser’s unique core audiences and empowered them to speak directly to each group with meaningful language and imagery. This led to more effective engagement with the brand and their products.

  • Audience expansion into new personas
  • 100% incremental revenue from new audiences


Axon (Taser) and Persosa

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