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Installation takes less than 30 seconds

Copy and paste your code snippet into your site, that’s it. No programming required.

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Define your segments and experiences

Segment visitors in real-time based off what site they come from, where they’re located, online campaigns, onsite behavior, and more. Persosa’s flexible Experience Management System® allows you to target visitors as narrowly (or broadly) as you like.

Once segmented, visitors are placed into the most appropriate experience, which you control and prioritize.

Define segments with Persosa

Choose your website regions to personalize

For each experience, Persosa will use its Experience Delivery Network® to dynamically change specific regions across your entire website.

Everything you decide not to personalize with Persosa will remain as it’s defined in your CMS and will be the default experience that is served when a segment criteria is not met.

  • Header text
  • Call-to-action
  • Images
  • Products
  • Paragraph text
Choose regions to personalize with Persosa

Stop leaving money on the table

Our demos are exclusively personalized to your brand, so you can experience the power of personalization with Persosa first hand.

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