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80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that deliver personalized experiences. Increase revenue by converting more of the traffic you've already paid for.

Whether your customer is B2B or B2C, at the top of your funnel or at the bottom, the more personalized you can get, the better experience your customer will have the more your revenue will grow. Learn more bout how data ownership and monetization scales your revenue while delighting your customers.

Why does personalization work?

What is the 11-star experience?


Blog Post: Soul mates & segments: Why personalization is just like dating Both dating and digital marketing have changed greatly in the last decade. And, as they continue to evolve in real life and online, more similarities are emerging between how we attract attention and connect with others.

Whitepaper: Persosa's 11-Star Consumer Experience How do brands delight and engage audiences in a world where most adults spend on average 12+ hours a day interacting with media? By creating connected and personalized experiences.

Case Study: See how Spiritual Gangster increased sales & expanded their audience with personalization Spiritual Gangster turned to Persosa to better engage male and parent-focused audiences, while continuing to engage the predominantly female customer base.

3rd Party Cookies

Fortunately the sunsetting of 3rd party cookies has been delayed, but that doesn't mean that marketers can get complacent. 3rd party cookies are going away, and we need to be prepared.

Technology leaders realize that freely available user data from 3rd party cookies will be ending. Unless they start to own their own data, they may cease to exist. This foundational shift in consumer tracking will reshape the digital marketing industry and privacy landscape.

Why 3rd party cookies going away matters to marketers

Understanding the data privacy landscape


Webinar: 3rd Party Cookie Webinar Have you ever thought, "so what?" when you hear about 3rd party cookies going away? You're not alone. Most industry leaders have avoided the harsh reality of what might happen to their identity network with 3rd party cookies go away. Watch the recording of our webinar to learn more.

Blog Post: Let's be clear: not all cookies are bad While 3rd party cookies may be going away, their counterparts, 1st party cookies, are alive and well. Not only that, but 1st party cookies are positioned to be a key component of many new tracking, advertising and marketing solutions.

Whitepaper: New Visitor, Who 'Dis Explore the trend for companies to own their consumer data in a humane privacy-focused way and what the future of the technology has in store.

Whitepaper: That's the way the cookie crumbles In the words of Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster, “Me love cookies!”. In this whitepaper, we explore the different types of cookies, how they work, and the options available to maintain identity resolution without 3rd party cookies.

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