Revenue & Data Acceleration

Sell audiences, not traffic. Create a single identity graph across all of your owned properties, tracking authenticated and anonymous users in a secure, privacy-first approach.

Google is ending support for 3rd party cookies and predicts publisher review could fall by over 50%. Protect your business with Persosa's proprietary opt-in network that enables cross-domain and cross-channel tracking in a compliant, secure, and privacy-first approach.

You need to own your customer data. Persosa delivers a data network to track across all of your owned digital properties. Our patent-pending solution creates a true universal identity graph with a consistent and persisting ID across all properties for both authenticated and anonymous users.

Data Ownership

Track and own your data using established privacy-first practices through a regulatory compliant approach.

Data Unification

Unify your customer tracking across all of your O&O properties with a single ID graph for a better customer insights.

Data Monetization

Leverage your improved customer data to scale revenue by selling audiences, not traffic for better media performance and higher CPMs.

Data for data’s sake? We believe that data should drive revenue. Connected Campaigns™ are data-driven experiences that create a win/win/win scenario for all involved: audiences receive connected and personalized experiences across publisher properties and partner brand websites, brands increase engagement and sales by delighting their audiences, and media companies sell more media while increasing audience reach and attribution.

Learn how Connected Campaigns™ can help your media perform better.

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