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Our Experience Management Platform™ accelerates your brand experience

Persosa’s patent-pending Experience Management Platform™ is made up of a number of systems that allow brands to create immersive and connected experiences for its consumers.

Experience Management System® (XMS)

The personalized experiences consumers see are created using our Experience Management System® (XMS). It allows brands to build and manage personalized experiences based on established segments. The system can manage video, text, images and other assets across channels and allows for robust segmentation.

Experience Delivery Network® (XDN)

The way that personalized experiences are delivered and performance tracked is through the Experience Delivery Network®. Our proprietary Personalization API is built upon our XMS supported by our Data Enhancement Layer to leverage a brand’s existing data for segmentation.

Experience Graph™

When the consumer watched their TV show, the action was tracked and cataloged in Persosa’s Experience Graph™. This contributes to the network effect of data sharing, and informs future experiences. This data can be further grouped to better inform consumer interests.

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