Streaming Radio

Revenue & Data Acceleration

Extend and amplify audio content with connected and personalized experiences that increase reach, scale media performance, and improve audience attribution.

87% of customers expect personalized experiences across all their brand touch points and 80% are more likely to buy from brands that deliver personalized experiences. Improve media performance by giving consumers what they want.

It's difficult to make everyone happy - you have to sell more media, your clients want your media to perform better, consumers want connected experiences, and creators want new opportunities for monetization. Persosa's Connected Campaign™ platform creates a scenario in which all stakeholders win.

Media Performance

Connected and personalized experiences drive engagement and sales. Extended streaming audio to on-site experiences that amplify audio media performance while improving attribution.

Data Ownership

Track and own your audience data using established privacy-first practices through a regulatory compliant approach. Extend customer insights beyond owned properties to partner websites closing the streaming audio to web data loop.


Closing the data loop between streaming audio and the web enables direct real time attribution. This delivers true streaming audio ROI ensuring full credit for all post listening sales.

Data for data’s sake? We believe that data should drive revenue. Connected Campaigns™ are data-driven experiences that create a win/win/win/win scenario for all involved: audiences receive connected and personalized experiences around brands and shows they love, brands increase engagement and sales by delighting their customers, media companies sell more media while increasing audience reach and attribution, and creators can extend their content beyond core platforms for additional monetization opportunities.

Learn how Connected Campaigns™ can help your media perform better.

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