Connected Campaigns

Streaming Radio

Listeners are passionate about their music and podcast hosts. Stay competitive by connecting the listening experience and commerce and owning the underlying data.

Persosa’s proprietary platform maximizes revenue by delivering connected experiences between streaming radio and digital channels.

These experiences, called Connected Campaigns™, achieve the following:

  • Extend streaming campaigns with amplifying and converting on-site experiences

  • Dynamically serve streaming ads based on web behavior

  • Connect the data and offer direct real-time attribution

New, differentiated ad units

Listeners receive co-branded experiences online based on their streaming activity. This extends and amplifies what they heard on the streaming channel, and creates new opportunities for media companies to develop unique ad units.

Increase ad sales

Connected experiences improve brand experiences and increase engagement and conversions by up to 350%. This new technology allows for direct attribution and reporting to prove the value of streaming investments. This data allows for improved targeting and performance.

Inventory expansion

Once targeting is improved and new ad units are developed, media companies now have the ability to thin-slice and fine-tune their targeting. By delivering dynamic ads, companies can increase revenue and opportunities.

Learn how Connected Campaigns™ can help your media perform better.

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