TV Media

Revenue & Data Acceleration

Extend and amplify TV viewing with connected and personalized 2nd screen experiences that increase reach, scale media performance, and improve audience attribution.

94% of people watch TV with a 2nd device in their hand and 87% of customers want personalized experiences across all their brand touch points. Persosa connects experiences to give consumers what they want.

Connected 2nd screen experiences are the next evolution in TV media monetization and viewer experience. NBC, Warner Media, and Comcast have already proven this in market. Persosa is the only company with purpose-built tech that delivers real time personalized 2nd screen experiences.

Media Performance

Connected and personalized experiences drive engagement and sales. Extended TV media to on-site experiences that amplify TV media performance while improving attribution.

Data Ownership

Track and own your audience data using established privacy-first practices through a regulatory compliant approach. Extend customer insights beyond owned properties to partner websites closing the TV to web data loop.


Closing the data loop between TV and the web enables direct real time attribution. This delivers true TV ROI ensuring full credit for all post TV sales.

Data for data’s sake? We believe that data should drive revenue. Connected Campaigns™ are data-driven experiences that create a win/win/win scenario for all involved: audiences receive connected and personalized experiences around brands and shows they love, brands increase engagement and sales by delighting their customers, and media companies sell more media while increasing audience reach and attribution.

Learn how Connected Campaigns™ can help your media perform better.

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