We’re starting a media revolution

Persosa connects your media content to create one holistic consumer experience.

We’re inundated with media every single day.

From the latest TV shows, viral memes, streamed music videos and everything in between.

Media allows us to educate ourselves, indulge our interests, express creativity and share new discoveries. Media is what makes the world go ‘round, some might say.

As with anything, there are some tradeoffs. Commercials were introduced to offset the cost of the media we consume. As the cost to manage media becomes more and more expensive, the prevalence of commercials and obtrusive advertising is on the rise.

Many consumers feel flooded with commercials and general advertising that's irrelevant to them. More people are turning to paid subscriptions or alternative media outlets that limit commercials and allow them to choose how they consume media.

The reality is that we need advertising to keep the engine running, but we also need to deliver content that’s relevant to what consumers care about and are interested in to keep them engaged. We want to create media experiences consumers love without them feeling interrupted by information they’re not interested in, all while continuing to bring in needed revenue and keep advertisers happy.

What we really want is for all of our media to feel like one, holistic experience. Not disjointed conversations scattered across platforms.

This might seem like a lofty goal, but fortunately, Persosa has the solution. Persosa’s patent-pending platform allows brands to create personalized and connected experiences with content we actually want to see, paired with what advertisers want us to see. We’ve figured out how to make media even more enjoyable...if you can believe it.

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