What is website personalization?

How can it help you connect with consumers and increase ROI?

From tennis shoes to nail polish to soda cans, consumers today can personalize almost anything. As marketers, we’re giving them custom products, unique emails, targeted social media ads, and more. But what about our websites? We’re sending everyone to the same generic homepage and then wondering why our conversion rate is less than two percent.

The average website conversion rate is 2 percent. In this white paper, we encourage you to break free from the status quo and stop failing 98 percent of the time.

With personalization, you can address the actual person behind the computer screen and customize their website experience. Custom content & conversion rates: The cultural shift toward personalization examines the need for personalization in our society. It also outlines:

  • How to provide value and connect with consumers
  • How to increase conversion rates
  • How companies are using personalization