Why Persosa

Persosa was created as a solution to the broken brand-consumer relationship

We close the Consumer Experience (CX) Gap by connecting brand's consumer journey.

Brands traditionally flood consumers with generalized marketing content

This is due to a lack of data and resources to create and deliver personalized messaging. Personalization trends have made major strides due to new platforms and advanced technology, but brands still fail to meet consumer expectations.

This is seen clearly in a recent study that looked into how brands and consumers felt about their experiences. 82% of brand marketers felt they were doing well at creating a good consumer experience, yet, only 10% of consumers strongly agree with the same statement.

This is what we call the Consumer Experience Gap

Despite all the tools available, until now, brands have not had an effective way to connect the silos in their marketing efforts. Many brands believe they are “omni-channel,” when in fact they’re just on all channels, without creating a truly connected consumer experience across those channels.

This is such a common issue, we wrote a white paper that dives into why the CX Gap exists, and how Persosa helps fix it.

With the help of Persosa’s patent-pending platform, brands can start to create connected experiences that immerse consumers in their brand. Not only that, it allows for more data capture and more in-depth consumer profiles. By connecting consumer media experiences, brands can start to actually listen to consumers, creating the foundation of a relationship built to last.

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