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Now is the time to take control of your data

Persosa changes the way we approach data and advertising through an identity-centric, privacy-focused model.

Google and Apple are changing the way consumer tracking works, GDPR and CCPA are legislating your customer interactions, and consumers are demanding more personalized brand experiences.

So what does all of this mean to your business?  It means that you must have a clear understanding of changes in the industry to establish a customer data strategy.  One that includes data ownership, a holistic understanding of your customer, and a plan to use that understanding to deliver world-class experiences that delight your customers and scale revenue all while being regulatory compliant.

These converging trends will result in a media and advertising industry that will look unlike any that we’ve seen before.  Fortunately, our platform connects the dots for you so that you better understand your consumers, can target new audiences, and increase revenue with Connected Campaigns™ in a privacy-focused approach.

So how do we fix a broken ecosystem? We fix it by changing the way we approach data and advertising through an identity-centric, privacy-focused model. 

Persosa’s platform breaks down the customer data silos and creates holistic profiles of consumers, their behaviors and what they want from the brands. By evolving to a user-centric approach, companies can be more intentional about identifying the correct audiences for their messaging, focusing on targeted audiences as opposed to generalized traffic. This improves media performance while expanding available inventory.

Once brands can build out behavior profiles for their consumers, they can start to develop connected campaigns that extend and amplify their consumer experience across all consumer touch points. This increases conversions and delivers on the demand of over 87% of consumers for more personalized experiences across their interactions with brands.

While pieces of the puzzle exist disparately throughout the marketplace, Persosa is the first platform that combines that ability for brands and media companies to not only track and own their consumer data, but also monetize all in one place.

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